Formula 1 Grand Prix Advertising Campaigns

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Singapores Formula One night race is back for more. The Formula 1 or F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2011 is back with its exciting mix of adrenaline pumping night racing along the public roads of Marina Bay street circuit. Not to mention the non-stop live entertainment and unrivalled corporate hospitality services this huge event will bring for all F1 enthusiasts. Starting this September 23 until September 25, this years race will be bringing along with them some of the biggest stars in Hollywood including Linkin Park, Shakira, Boy George, Rick Astley, Shaggy, Charice and many more. This three day event will surely be full of non-stop action and entertainment.

Out of Home Digital Media Advertising for this event can be seen at SMRT Medias Media Hub Wall along Orchard MRT station and ION, which boasts 6 LCD screens set on a large LED display panel. Measuring 18 metres by 1.8 metres and complete with scintillating visual and audio effect, it leaves a lasting impression for commuters whether theyre a Formula 1 racing fan or not. Commuters strolling past this huge platform stopped to watch and admire the high-impact Formula 1 cars and Linkin Park promotional videos which show how effective this advertising campaignis. Tons of race enthusiasts around the world are looking forward to this one of a kind event.

Along with this highly anticipated event, SMRT Media has also customized an exclusive Grand Prix Package 2011 for people to tap on the racing hype with Outdoor Advertising industry to take advantage of their advertising network in order to reach out to the high volume of race goers coming this September. Their Grand Prix network stations include both Mainline and Circle Line stations like Raffles Place, City Hall, Lavender, Esplanade, Nicoll Highway and Promenade. Since there will

Tips to help you Cut down on Gym Time for BETTER Bodybuilding Results

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Many bodybuilders love to brag about the time they spend in the gym. They are happy to talk about their marathon 2 hour workouts where they hit every body part known to man and saw just about every club member come through the door. The fact is, these long workouts are often much less productive than short, intense ones are.
Your best bet is to get in and out of the gym as quickly as possible while still having completed a strenuous muscle building workout. Below are some tips to help you make your workout much shorter BUT more effective.

1. Quit the Chit Chat-Hey, everyone loves to talk about their favorite TV show they saw last night, but gabbing about it while standing in front of the leg press machine doesnt do ANYBODY any good. If you want to talk, call or email your buddythe gym should be about exercise and thats it. Saying hello and goodbye is fine, but 15 minutes of talking is a waste.

2. Plan your workout before you get to the gym-When you get to the gym is NOT the time to start planning your workout. Decide which bodyparts you are going to work BEFORE you get to the gym and your workout will go much more quickly and be more effective as well. Grab a notebook and start splitting up your week with your different workouts as well as the required rest days in between. This can knock off as much as 10 minutes off your time in the gym.

3. Shorten your rest between sets-If you are truly BODYBUILDING, the less rest between sets the better. You dont need to do a set, then rest for 5 minutes. So many gym goers rest a ridiculous amount of time between sets that

Arizona River Runners Announces New Hikers Special White Water Rafting Trip Spring 2012

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Arizona River Runners (ARR) recently added an early season, oar powered “Hikers Special” to their 2012 schedule of Grand Canyon rafting trips. The river outfitters April Colorado River trips provide excellent conditions for hiking, with average day-time high temperatures in the mid-80s and night-time lows in the mid-50s. These trips are offered at special early season pricing.

ARR will be offering this new 15-day oar powered journey covering 225 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon from April 12-26, 2012. This longer trip offers more time each day to experience the variety of side canyon hikes throughout the Canyon, where hikers can reach stunning waterfalls, unmatched Grand Canyon views, ancient petro glyphs and the site of Anasazi granaries.

This “Hikers Special” has two additional trip options. The upper Canyon 7-day oar powered rafting trip covers 87 river miles, has a required 7.5 mile hike out of the Canyon on Bright Angel Trail from Phantom Ranch, and is scheduled for April 12-18, 2012. The lower Canyon 9-day oar powered river trip begins with a required 7.5 mile hike into the Canyon from the South Rim and travels 135 river miles through the inner gorge ending at Diamond Creek. The dates are April 18-26, 2012 with optional pre and post-trip transportation available from, and back to, Las Vegas.

Bruce Winter, co-owner of ARR, says, “After the great success we have had the last two years with our April motorized “Hikers Specials” we decided to offer the oar powered whitewater trip for 2012 as well. Many guests request more time for longer hikes and this is a great time to also enjoy the added beauty of the spring bloom and the cooler temperatures.”

An Authorized Concessionaire of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona River Runners has been leading Grand Canyon

Exclusive Sports Package on DISH Network

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There is great news for all those who are mad about sports. Guess what? DISH Network, the leading Satellite Provider in the United States brings you the best of sports coverage. Right from latest match updates, match results, award presentation, live telecast you will find anything and everything related to sports under this package. Over the years, the Sports Package has become immensely popular with viewers. So, why would you stay out of the queue if you are hysteric about sports?

DISH TV offers a wide range of packages related to sports. These include national football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, rugby, cricket and what not! Look below for the popular packages:

Multi Sport with NFL RedZone: NFL RedZone is broadcasted on channel 155. Now you will no more have boring weekends. Refresh yourself will a series of active sport events. Whats more? This package also includes NHL Network, NBA TV and Big Ten Network along with 10 other local sports network.

ESPN GamePlan Package: The ESPN GamePlan Package is one of the most popular packages provided by DISH Network. It gives you 15 head to head math updates from the best college football conferences every week. Apart from these, you will also get match updates from ACC, BIG EAST, PAC-10, MAC, SUN BELT, WAC, SEC, BIG 12 and many more.

NHL Center Ice: NHL Center Ice is a sensation with everyone and it has one of the greatest fan followers. Now you will be constantly in touch with your star players and favorite team matches. You can also reserve your tickets during the upcoming season for the matches.

Fox Soccer Plus: This is a premium sports channel and is a complement to the Fox Soccer Channel. Do not miss the live and exclusive soccer matches. You can also catch up

Iron Gym – How To Safely Use The Iron Gym

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Once you have assembled the Iron Gym, there are a few things to consider related to safety before you start working out.

First thing first, make sure you have enough room at the top of the door frame to safely install the Iron Gym pull up bar securely. It is suggested you have at least a quarter of an inch worth of space at the top of the door frame to securely fit the iron gym pull up system. While the minimum suggested is a quarter inch, a half inch worth of room is your best bet to ensure the best results. If you try to install the iron gym without the appropriate amount of space, chances are on your first pull up, you will wind up on your rear end with a sour look on your face.

Next, assure that the black bar at the top of the unit is snug against the wall, above the door frame. You do not want any play between this black bar and the top of the door frame, you will want a tight fit. If the bar is loose, or the Iron Gym is able to move freely in any direction, take the unit down, and try installing the iron gym again. The reason you want to put an emphasis on a tight fit is that a lot of people “”bounce”” when they reach the top of their pull ups. If the system is loose, chances are after a few successful pull-ups the unit will detach from the wall. Again, causing you to wind up with a sore bottom.

Last, but definitely not least, work out sensibly. Having a home based work out system can be both beneficial and hazardous at the same time. A lot of people will hit the iron